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Vietnam Airlines plane lands to treat unconscious passenger

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On Monday, a plane of Vietnamese national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines (VNA) had to make an urgent landing in Frankfurt, Germany to hospitalize an unconscious passenger. 

A VNA representative said, the incident occurred on Flight VN17 that departed from Hanoi at 6:20 am yesterday morning (Vietnam time) to fly to Paris, France.
A female passenger, Nguyen Thi Huong, 44, who was sitting in seat 4H, was found unconscious by her husband, Vu Dinh Thang, who was sitting in seat 2G. About two hours before the expected time of landing in Paris.
Huong had taken the flight along with her husband and a friend, Nguyen Thanh Long, who was sitting in seat 16D.
On hearing of Huong’s condition, the chief pilot decided to ask Germany’s Frankfurt airport for permission to make an emergency landing to seek treatment for the passenger.
After landing in Frankfurt, a VNA representative coordinated with the airport authority to take Huong to the nearest hospital for emergency aid.
The patient has a history of hypertension, her husband told doctors.
VNA carried out procedures for Thang and Long to stay at the hospital to take care of Huong. 
The plane continued its journey to France and arrived in Paris later.
A representative of the carrier said., VNA is coordinating with the Vietnamese Consulate General in Frankfurt to follow the condition of the woman and give support to her when necessary.

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