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Notes for safety when camping on the island

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Camping overnight on the island is a very interesting activity and many young people choose alternatives to hotel rooms or comfortable homestays. Because when camping, you will have great experiences and completely new discoveries on the island you go to. However, to have a safe and smooth camping trip on the island, you need to note the following extremely valuable experiences.

1. See weather forecast before going
Before going to the camping island, you should monitor the weather forecast regularly to arrange travel plans accordingly. If you go on rainy days, you should prepare waterproof items, raincoats, cold medicines ... for the whole trip. Ideally, you should go in the dry season and limit going into the rainy season to ensure safety.

2. Bring all necessary items
Whatever you choose to camp on any island, be sure to carefully list your travel essentials. Because the islands are often far away from the mainland, they will have to travel by ship, so returning to the shore to buy items is very time-consuming and money-consuming. In addition to personal items, the whole group must agree on the things that will be shared so as not to face any difficulties during camping on the island.

Some personal items you need to bring:
Clothes to change: You should prefer simple, neat clothes, good sweat-absorbing material, and should quickly dry when wet.
Footwear and beach sandals: Do not wear high heels because it is difficult to move in the forest and on the sand. Bring sneakers to go in the woods, climb mountains or go in places with lots of gravel. And certain a flip-flops to avoid subsidence and waterproof.
Personal hygiene items: Towels, toothpaste, brushes, shampoos ... are the basic items that you need to bring to use during the trip. You should not bring too much, but fill into a mini jar to save space of luggage.
Raincoats: The weather on the island is often erratic, especially when it starts in the rainy season. So, you need to bring a raincoat to avoid getting wet by sudden rains.
Waterproof bag: If you carry electronic devices such as phones, computers, cameras ... then carrying waterproof bags is essential to protect them from damage.
Flashlight, light-emitting device: This is an item for you to avoid danger when moving in the dark, because the camping ground is often without electricity.

Common items:
Dry food: If you camp on pristine islands with few people to live, it will be difficult to find food. Therefore, you need to prepare food to share with the whole group such as bread, dry food, confectionery, drinking water ... If you plan to cook by yourself, you can bring a mini gas stove, pan, pot, pre-prepared food ... to be more active in eating.
Fire tools: Lighter, matches... are indispensable for making campfire at night.
Medicines and medical equipment: Insect repellent, antiseptic solution, cold medicine, digestive medicine, bandage ... should be brought when camping on the island to ensure the health of the members in the group.

3. The note when camping
When you begin to set up your tent, you need to choose your location very carefully to ensure safety. First of all, do not camp in the direction of the wind as it will turn on the tent when the wind is strong. Choose an area that is calm or wind is not too strong to prevent the tent from falling. Choosing the ground for camping is also important, because the island's soil is often sandy so it's easy to subside. You should choose the high ground and make it easier to set up a camp. Note, do not camp too close to the sea or wooded areas to avoid tides and insect attacks.

Before proceeding to set up a tent, you should inform the local authorities on the island in advance to get permission. Also, be sure to save the phone number of the security agency to call support when needed. In general, you plan meticulously and thoughtfully to have a trip to the island with lots of memories.

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