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Things to know when taking young children to travel

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When you are a travel enthusiast and have children, you will want your children to be exposed to the wonderful world outside soon. However, you encounter difficulties when looking after young children when traveling long distances. Let us help you with the following experience

1. Prepare lightweight luggage
Unlike travel trips like before, when you bring children with you, you should prepare the most compact luggage possible to avoid being overweight or avoiding too bulky luggage. For baby items such as diapers, clothes ... you should not bring too much. Instead, just bring some essential items because when you go to destination, you will easily buy more baby stuff without fear of missing supplies. In addition, you can bring a thin blanket to cover for your baby when boarding or when necessary.

2. Prepare baby food
You should prepare some food for the first 1-2 days according to your baby's preferences and habits. This way, you will be able to avoid having your baby adjust to a new environment and refuse to eat. In addition, you should bring along canned milk and food to make sure your baby is full on long flights. If your baby is still drinking milk, be sure to bring a 100ml bottle to allow you to bring the milk on the plane and a small carton of formula milk to make your baby on the trip. Note that when traveling by plane, you can only bring up to 100ml of liquid. If you intentionally carry over the limit of 100ml then you will most likely have to leave at the airport to board.

3. Prepare and bring medicine for the baby
When going out, children will have to change the environment or climate change, leading to children very susceptible to fever or due to food, will be prone to intestinal disease. Therefore, you should bring some basic medicine such as: Antipyretic, topical anti-insecticidal, topical, Oresol, and temperature clamp to prevent any possible event. In addition, during traveling, if your child is tired, you should take him to the doctor to ensure the safety of the child.

4. Bring a foldable trolley
You should practice the habit of sitting in a stroller even when traveling in the city or traveling, on the plane, so that both mother and baby are not too tired. You can choose a multi-purpose stroller that can be folded into cars and on aircraft, extremely convenient and avoid baby running around on the plane, affecting other passengers on the flight.

5. Note when landing / taking off
When traveling by plane, taking off / landing causes a sudden change in air pressure, which also affects children. Therefore, during this time, mothers can give babies a bottle or snack to avoid ear pain due to pressure changes offline. You can also use cotton to cover your baby's ears, this will greatly reduce the children affected by pressure during takeoff and landing.

Above are some tips for taking care of young children when traveling with family. Hopefully, these tips will help you travel with your family and children so completely and happily

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