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Travel tips for pregnant women

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People when pregnant often tend to avoid and afraid to travel. There are many ideas that traveling when pregnant can be quite dangerous. However, most people do not know that traveling during this period is very meaningful and beneficial to the mother and fetus. So, if you are pregnant and still want to have fun while traveling, don't be shy. However, to have a fun and safe trip, you should note the points we share as follows

1. Choose the right time to travel
The whole process of pregnancy is not always suitable for traveling. The most appropriate time for women to travel is from the 20th to the 30th week of pregnancy. You should avoid travel in the early and late pregnancy because this is a time when you need high stability for the fetus. And to be careful, before traveling, you should have an overview and consult a doctor.

2. Choose a reasonable travel destination
When you are pregnant, your body will be more sensitive if there is a change in your living environment. So, choose places that are near and easy to travel. You should prioritize the resort. If you choose a far location, having to sit too long while on the move will adversely affect both you and the fetus. The reason is because when you go far, you will be easily tired, irritable, not to mention the risks that may arise if the distance is too far

3. Wear and bring comfortable clothing
Wear and prepare the costumes you find most comfortable for your trip. When wearing these costumes, you will easily move, walk as well as help you always in a pleasant state, comfortable. You should also bring a small, soft pillow so you can hug and support your belly when needed. This will give you a quieter ride time on the road. In addition, you can bring a thin scarf, hat and jacket to protect the body if necessary.

4. Participate in activities and light travel
Go for an active walk and do some light physical activities like a morning walk, a yoga session by the pool. The breathing of fresh air will create good conditions for the health of the baby and the mother, helping better blood circulation. Absolutely avoid adventure games like skydiving, thrilling games ... because they are not good for your psychology and there will be unnecessary risks.

5. Always carry a medical examination document
Always carry a medical examination document, so that doctors can understand the condition of the mother and baby during pregnancy and will give the right methods if something unlucky happens. Be more careful, you should take a photo or add a copy of these document. 

6. Choose the appropriate vehicle and seat
Choose to travel by car and sit near the window - both airy and admire the scenery outside. Limiting travel by plane, if a problem occurs suddenly, it will be difficult for emergency first aid.

7. Always drink enough water
During pregnancy, remember to drink enough water, beautiful skin, just good for the fetus, strengthen the immune system and eliminate toxins. Drinking water also helps you feel more comfortable and cool during the trip this season, so the mood is more fun and so the better for the baby.

The above are tips but quite important to help you have a safe and complete travel when pregnant. Hopefully these shares will help you have a meaningful and memorable trip.

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