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Tips for choosing shoes for the perfect trip

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In traveling, the activity that you experience the most is probably walking. Walking is not only good for health but also a great opportunity for you to admire the surrounding scenery. So, choosing shoes when traveling is very important, right? We must choose shoes to feel comfortable, walk easily and ensure stylish fashion. Join us to see how to prepare travel shoes for a perfect trip.

1. Bring no more than three pairs of shoes
When you have a short trip that lasts 1 to 2 days, you only need to bring 2 pairs of shoes to be suitable. But if your trip is longer, sometimes up to a week, you only need to bring 3 pairs of shoes. Bringing too many shoes will make it very difficult to pack and move. Let's preview your itinerary to decide on the best shoes to wear. Usually, you should bring a pair of heels, a sneaker and a pair of sandals or doll shoes. However, if you go to beach or mountain, you should bring sports shoes, lazy shoes or summer sandals.

2. Choose neutral colored shoes for your trip
When traveling, it is difficult to associate shoes with clothes. So you should avoid shoes with striking colors but replace them with neutral colors like black and white. With these neutral color shoes, you can freely coordinate with many different clothes during the trip.

3. Do not bring shoes specifically for daily exercise
When traveling, you may want to bring gym shoes to maintain your daily exercise. However, if you do that, you will quickly regret it. Lovers of movementism must admit that the days of travel they just want to rest and relax. If they have time, they also choose to sleep,  they do not care or remember the gym. So, please allow yourself to be lazy "a little" when traveling. Although you do not exercise, gym as a daily routine, but you also campaigned quite a lot during the trip.

4. Please wear the most bulky shoes when going to the airport
Do not let the short boots, high neck or bulky sneakers to occupy most of the luggage area. Instead, take them with you at the time of departure. Thus, there are only one or two pairs of small shoes in the suitcase and they do not affect too much to the weight of luggage.

5. Do not wear newly bought shoes
New shoes don't usually expand according to your foot size. So you absolutely should not bring the newly bought shoes. When you wear new shoes, you may have foot pain, abrasions on your heels, or tight toes. The reason is that the shoes that have never been worn are not as soft as the ones that have passed through the legs. Ideally, you should open your shoes a few weeks before traveling. If this is not possible, apply bandages to your heels, wear socks or buy silicone shoe insoles to minimize leg pain.

6. Bring good socks
Do not regret the money but buy the thin or cheap socks. Using such socks will kill the benefits that walking shoes bring, causing foot pain and discomfort during the journey. You should choose thick socks, good absorbency and high elasticity.

7. Do not wear shoes with complicated straps
Imagine visiting a country with many temples, and every temple is required to remove shoes before entering the temple. So it will be extremely inconvenient if you wear a pair of sandals with sophisticated straps.  Replace with slipon shoes, doll shoes or wireless sneaker, it will be much more convenient.

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