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Traveling with child and 7 tips that you have to know

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When summer comes, weather will be hot. It will be great if you travel to enjoy the cool air or experience and admire the beautiful scenery of the trip. However, if you have baby, the trip will have more problems to be prepared. Join us to know 7 tips when traveling with children to have a great trip.

When having children, everybody wants to take their child to fresh areas in the hot summer. Therefore, the journey with the children will be extremely wonderful and meaningful memories for both parents and children. It is not only an occasion, it is also an opportunity for children to explore, learn many new things of destinations as well as in their life. For a complete and safe trip, let's prepare for your trip as follows:

1. Choose the right destination
Depending on the age of the baby, you should choose the destination where your family will arrive to ensure it is suitable both in distance and transportation. If your baby is just under 2 years old, you should not organize the trip that enquires move too much in a short time. It is not suitable if you organize a long trip or a trip that has adventurous or discovery nature. Places like that will not only suitable for babies under 2 years old,, but also make your family tired. Instead, you can organize trips to places like parks, resorts ... where there are many trees, swimming pools, beaches as well as suitable for children.

Once you've chosen a suitable destination for your family, move on to the next step. You should make a hotel reservation and should inform them that you will arrive with your child. So that, the hotel will be well prepared for your family, such as cribs, child chairs, or other special offers for your baby.

2. Prepare enough supplies before you go
Prepare your baby's clothes
Clothes preparing for your child is also important. So you should choose clothes suitable for the weather. When traveling in the summer, your child will sweat a lot, so that you should choose cool clothes. Also, don't forget to bring some long clothes in case of the cool night or air-conditioned room. You should divide child clothes for each day to make it easier to find during your trip.

Prepare other items
In addition, when traveling with your child, you should also prepare other essentials such as hats, glasses, mosquito repellent and insect repellent cream for children. These are indispensable items when traveling with child. In addition, you should also bring antipyretics, abdominal pain medicine, bandages to prevent unfortunate events. If your baby is young, a kid stroller is also an essential item when traveling away. You should choose a compact, foldable stroller . If your family mainly move by public transport, consider take a baby carrier instead of a trolley, so you will easily get on and off the train or bus. Carrying baby's blanket and pillow that is used every day will make your baby sleep well.

3. Create specific and detailed plans for the whole journey
Usually before you travel, you should plan your trip. However, when you plan a family trip with your child, it is essential that you must plan your trip in detail. Arranging a suitable schedule, so that you and your child can have time to rest. It is also important that you do not forget to refer to all transportation options so that your trip will be easiest and most comfortable.

4. Arrange luggage carefully
When traveling with young children, you should arrange your luggage carefully such as separating baby bottle, weaning food, diapers, etc. You also need a handbag for carring snacks, milk, water, paper towels, clothes to change and clean immediately if your baby vomits or makes their clothes dirty. In addition, you should take some small toys that your baby likes, so every time your baby cries, you can give them to your baby.
One of the most important things is the dentification of both parents and children. You can order online services and use e-tickets (Evoucher) to avoid carrying a lot of document. Note that you will not be able to board the plane without preparing enough papers for your baby.

5. Select the right transportation
When traveling, there are many transportation options for you to select. But when your family travel with children, you should choose fast so that the whole family can have fun without being tired. You may consider choosing a private car, train or plane. Let's consider your schedule base on baby's health and age.

6. Check the weather before departure
One of the most important factors in a good trip is weather - check the weather to avoid sunny or rain. You won't want to cancel your schedule or your child has cold. Wheather will greatly affect your schedule as well as your child's health. Always bring a raincoat, umbrella to protect your family from rain and sun

7. Always pay attention to your baby
Young children are very attracted and distracted by new things. Baby will be curious and easy to follow the cute, familiar characters. Therefore, you need to watch children when they are not holding your hand and always hold them to make sure they are safe and go with you anytime, anywhere.

Travel is to learn and experience. Le't's pay attention to the above tips. Hope that you will have a safe, fanny trip with your child in this summer!

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